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im a 15 yr old girl, i uess in a way im spoiled, i have some good friends n stuff that i hang out w/,
but inside im completly broken- i sit n cut myself every night, i try to starve myself....
im literally broken, n i need some help!!!!!!!!!!!
DepressedDevo DepressedDevo
1 Response Dec 16, 2012

Hey depresseddevo, I know what that feels like and I thought no one could understand. Until i only recently found out that i wasn't alone. Others were there for me but I just had to reach out a little and open myself. I stopped eating completely and am in the hospital right now because of it. Everyday is a battle, but everyday I tell myself that tomorrow will be better. That's how i get on. And please, don't cut. I know it's hard and that once you start it becomes like a drug, an addiction. But you are stronger than that voice inside your head, telling you that cutting is the only way to let out your feelings. My friend told me something that works pretty well for me against cutting ; get some temporary tattoos of butterflies or birds and tattoo them where you cut the most. And cover yourself in them if you need to. Put a few on your thighs and maybe wrists, or where you cut. And tell yourself that if you cut, you'll break the butterfly, or bird... And if you can't get tattoos, you could always draw them.. And have you tried talking to someone about how you really feel inside? It could be anyone, a teacher, the school nurse, your parents, or try to find out if there is a school psychologist.. Alot of schools have one today... You could also draw, paint,anything, and it doesn't have to be beautiful. It could just be rough lines of black pencil, or a big black cloud, anything. You could sing, or write songs, go for a walk and photograph stuff, anything. What i also do is write my feelings down and then rip the paper apart in tiny peices... Anyways, if you ever need to spill your thoughts, I'm always here... Stay strong, yhings will get better. "things always turn out better in the end. If they arent better yet, it means it's not the end yet". Hugs xx Xxxilaxx