I Dont Know How To Do It And I Dont Know If I Can Anymore!

throughout last year i was really depressed and it want a good year for me and my family we lost our house and money everything ive had to leave family and friends and live in a house im scared to stay there i dont have any friends and it takes me 2 hours to go see my friends to get to there houses.i feel isolated and trapped i think my depression had started because ive had nothing to do just laying in bed sleeping and crying and because of the whole time ive just stayed in bed ive looked over whats happend to me and my family.
it was good at first its so scary how one guy can ruin a womens life her job house life!its all gone in within a second!seeing my mum crying kills me and it makes me so sad, because of the stress i took it out on myself i felt like it was all my fault maybe if i had helped or stopped eating or just something that would save money.so i punished myself and just cut and cut i have scars allover my arms there a mess the scars are fading but they will never leave!im alone and theres nothing i can do.im not really a person who likes to speak to people about my problems and its hard for me now to keep all this in. my brothers gone and i havent spoken in two months it was hard and we had a arguement its like we;ve got some sort of problem with eachother!i cant speak to my mum about my problems im scared she might just ignore me say im being stupied and that it will go. but the longer i wait on not seeing what she says the worst im getting i keep breaking down in tears and my angers not helping i just want someone who is going threw the same problems so we could talk.i just need someone but i dont trust no one no more.im scared that one day im just going to loose it and end it for good. im so lost these are just some of the problems and im so upset.
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Jan 9, 2013