Wtf Mom??

My mom hates me, she doesn't see what I do and sees what I don't. I can't stand being around her anymore. Sometimes I just pray for God to take me, easily or painfully, put me in heaven or hell I don't care. I just can't take it any more. Let me get the courage to end it, to run away, express my pain!!!!

I need you to see what I do, Mom. See me. If you want to know what she did, contact me...
aelizabeth3300 aelizabeth3300 13-15, F 1 Response Jan 21, 2013

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Just be the best you can be and if she doesn't accept you for that, just ignore her. Sometimes parents don't get it. I understand.

But I can't just ignore my mom!! And we're just getting ready to move so...

Well, just follow orders and stay under the radar. Try not to talk too much and just do what you can the best you can. Help as much as possible and ask her if she needs help. I have had issues with my mom all my life and understand how hard and frustrating it can be. When you succeed, show her, and when you fail, just admit you have failed and try harder next time.