I Hate My Mum!!!

So something awfull happend last night. I was staying at my auntie's house then my mum show's up(I don't live with her). And within 5min of her being there she was being so horrible to me. So I rang my uncle to come take me home and when I told her she was going crazy and when he got there she followed me out and I had to run to the car because I was scared. She had left my cousin in the house and I could hear her sream because she was terrified. My mum was kicking at the cr trying to get me but we couldnt leave because my auntie was at the shop and we couldnt leave my cousin with it. My auntie got back and they were arguing in the street and when it escalated the neighbours rang the police. Then we left. My constantly blames me for the way she is, that it's my fault why she is an alchoholic and why she does drugs and I'm starting to believe it, maybe if I decided to go back to her she wouldn't be this way anymore?. But it dosen't matter now because when I told her I was leaving she said she didn't want to see me again. So now I have no mum or dad. And I hate myself, I just feel like I ruin everything and hurt everyone. Blehh .. :(
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Add me and message me if you want to talk

Okay, and thank you

I know its hard but nothing she dose is you're fault. I have dealt with others addictions my whole life and have at times blamed myself but with time i realize its them not me.