Things Are Harder These Days

Hi I'm not a teen but thought maybe this story might help someone.

All the time I hear about kids being bullied online. Hearing sick people filming someone being beat up. It makes me sad all these things happen now.

I glad this technology never existed when I was in school. Well yeah Internet was still around but there was not really such thing of online bullying like it is today.

Technology is suppose to advanced us in life, and make life easier for us. But at the same time this happens, people will use this technology to hurt people.

It makes me mad our teachers, school board and other figures does not protect children. Why do we need to keep hearing these events on the news. And the fact it on the news allot, why people are not getting it that this is problem and do something about it so we don't need to lose any more kids.

It makes me sad, it makes me cry. I'm sorry if your reading this and your one of these many victims. I hope you have someone to support and comfort you during these events. And those who don't have support, I hope you can hang in there and once your of age to move out you start a new life.

Love and support for all victims out there.
ChillyWilly82 ChillyWilly82 31-35, M Feb 5, 2013

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