Does anyone have a screwdriver? I really need to get this razor out of this pencil sharpener.
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Thats so me!

I have a screwdriver....

Philips head? May I borrow it please?

I understand the cutting idea but is it really worth it all it dose is leave scares and memories trust me I've been there and now if I didn't get help I would have so many more scares maybe bigger and deeper but what I'm trying to say is its not worth it

Unsanitary and not the right sharpness. If you're willing to chat or just need to vent I'm here. If you are heavily emotional please don't hesitate to make a call to a support hotline.

The rubbing alcohol isn't for drinking, I clean them before I use them. And it works really well, I mean it's not as good as my craftsman but my mom found that. Hotlines don't do shít but maybe I could talk to you for a while.

Go ahead and message me

Let's not

Not what?

Let's not get out the razor

Why? It makes me feel better.

Because it's just not good to hurt yourself.

It's only hurting, it's helping.

I understand. I have depression too

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