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i'm 17 and have been suffering depression for a couple of years now, i dont like it and wish it would go away, as it is something id rather not live the rest of my life dealing with, cos its just so hard to handle, suicidal thoughts, low moods, rapid mood swings, and just genrally feeling like crap! its not nice and will keep on trying to make it go away!
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I'm 14 and I also feel like I have depression and my friends think that im always so happy. I wish they trullly knew how i felt.

I went to a mental hospital to seek help, they do help. I got medications and even though I still get very depressed it's not nearly as bad as before. I will battle this for the rest of my life, but with a change in environment I've gotten far better than before. Perhaps there are triggers at home? School? Or other functions you are involved in? But with a lot of help you can get better. I can't say it will go away, but you can weaken it.

I understand. Poopy appetite, mood swings, mental breakdowns, fatigue, loss of interest in activities, insecure, every time I say something in class I think to myself, "Oh no, how could I!?" I am so terrified, I can't even talk to my parents about it due to the circumstances.

I know how you feel , i have been battling depression for years now. There are days i dont even want to get out of bed, i havent found something to help yet but in time i will. just look at the good things in life <3

hold on i understand how u feel but all u have 2 ddo is hold on things will get better but u gotta keep going it wont just go away but it can get better

hold on i understand how u feel but all u have 2 ddo is hold on things will get better but u gotta keep going it wont just go away but it can get better

Hey, it says you started this group, first, I'd like to thank you for that - it helps to know that I'm not the only teen who has depression - and you may feel the same. All those feelings associated with depression are so horrible - especially the mood swings, I think - but you're not alone (cliche, I know, but true), and perhaps, you could try to get help (from a psychiatrist and stuff) - it can make depression so much easier to begin to overcome - I'm still not...'recovered'...but am starting to notice my moods slightly improving, the more counselling sessions I go to - it's just, it'd be awful to be, like, drowning in the feeling your whole life...I know depression is more than just a mere feeling, it takes over every aspect of life, but I couldn't think of a better phrase...anyway, good luck, I hope you find a way to get over this...

hi, im in my 20s and was diagnosed w/ depression when i was 17 but im pretty sure it started when i was 12. ur absolutely right. it does hurt. but its important to remember that its not in your cards to be depressed. ur not being punished and made to only feel that way. i take anti depressants. r either of u on those? sounds lame because nowadays doctors try and shove pills down your throat but if u take the time to find the right ones they really do help. also there r differences between being depressed versus manic depression versus suicidal. maybe if u figure out exactly which category u fall into (doesnt have to be just one, i have several things wrong w/ me lol) can then begin to tell ur doctor who may be able to get u to a neurologist and psychologist if u dont have one already. most important thing i learned is that i get tunnel vision as does almost edveryone with a serious depression. it makes u forget that there are always different options even when it feels like there arent. ur not abnormal. unfortunately todays society have quite a few teens suffering from depression so its not like ur weird or anything hope that helps

You both break my heart. I'm a mom who's struggled with depression all of my life. I understand what it's like to be a teen and just not care about anything. <br />
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I do have a non profit org you might want to check out...www.illstandbyyou.org<br />
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From experience I know that you need to get help and that might mean meds like jocatz and or therapy. Please remember that depression is a disease. Keep reaching out...there's help for you.<br />
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Feel free to email me anytime.<br />
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i know how u feel i am 16 nd have been dealin with depression since i was 13 and i hurts so much you just think why am i alive to be hurt i was lso abused by my grandfather i just feel dead already i feel like there is nothing to live for but when my lil bro was born my sucidal thoughts went i am still struggling with depression and i am on medication for depression and sleeping cause i never sleep the most sleep i get a night is 2 hours