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Welcome To My Life

Hey, you've managed to stumble upon my page (=
Well, it's true. I'm a teenage girl, and let me tell you, it hasn't been easy for me in some parts.

Upon reaching High school, I had this 'reputation'. Back in 10th grade, school was hell; senior boys would slap my ***, try to kiss me, and what's a girl to do? I slammed them into lockers. Sounds crazy for a girl like me to do, but I wouldn't take it from them, or anybody.

My Anorexic story came into view when I realized I could be thinner and slimmer, simply by starving myself, working out constantly, and self induced vomiting..My sister's ex boyfriend, Mark, noticed how thin my waist and hips looked, and noticed how 'skeleton-faced' I looked.
I felt fat, so I continued to lay off food for a while until my accident at school. I received help and to this day, I'm one hell of a healthy 19 year old.

Past loves: It seems like most of my stories have something to do with guys...I know, most of them are.

High school crushes: Yes, I had a crush on my friend Joey (stories about him), and this Macedonian exchange student we had during my Senior year.
He was pretty cute, but this other exchange student liked me, but he was a little younger =(

Now, that's nothing compared to what I'm about to say here:

My class of 2010 lost 2 great people: Sarah Hurley & Kacy Straub.
Both of them had great personalities, and very high spirits. Though I barely knew Sarah, I could tell she was a great, loving girl.
Kacy, I have known since 6th grade. She was the captain of the Golf team, she was also for Student Government, and many other clubs.
She was the type of person who would drop her problems to aid someone else; she would listen without judging, she would comfort you when you're upset, she would laugh..she was everybody's ideal best friend <3

Ever since both of their passing, my fellow class of 2010 seemed to have gotten closer, not just as a school, but friends, too. We won CASHS color day in honor of them both. So our victory really goes out to them.

Kacy, you're my hero. I love you girl <3

Being a teenager has its share of laughter, heart break, happiness, sadness...we wouldn't be human if we didn't go through all of these things.
So, I'm an American Teenager!

XxxFallenAngelxxX XxxFallenAngelxxX 22-25, F 7 Responses Jul 1, 2011

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yeah and sexy girl

u brought back some funny memories.when i was in 4th grade.i some times had to walk to school that was 20 minutes walk.there used to be a guy an inch taller than me.he would stop me.take my lunch.also grab my pencils.pull my hair.would make me kiss him and than i could go.this continued till few months.i told my mom she didnt believe me and kept scolding me for missing things.once i found a metal scale and as he stopped i me i hit him so hard.he went in a shock.and bef i could hit again he disappeared to this all seems funny now but was quite frustating.

Great piece! Very inspiring...

Some people pass through this bully act,there are things we passed that makes us strong for the task ahead,i was a victim of such act,and i came out strong.

Some people pass through this bully,there are things we passed that makes us strong for the task ahead,i was a victim of such act,and i came out strong.

Well done girl,a nice story and well put,x

Very well written