Sweet Seventeen

I'm 17, and I like it. I used to be scared of getting older, but now I embrace it. Sounds corny, but I wanted to stay 11 forever. Now I am old enough to drive, have a job, and do things on my own. I feel so free and grown up. But I still kinda don't wanna grow up, lol.

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Very pretty too

When I said I was embracing growing OLDER, I meant I was very frightened of even being a teenager. I wanted to be a kid forever. Now I'm just embracing responsibility and stuff. All new experiences. I never meant I was old.

Funny. I signed up for this site because I was led here with a quote from Margaret Thatcher "The ***** may crow, but its the hen that lays the egg." Looks this is a teen site. A spawn of facebook. I can't relate. Too the teen who is "embracing growing old," I can't relate. I'm 50. My father is 73 and my grandmother (still living), is 101. You can't embrace being old when you are not much more than an egg and eggs have no eyes or ears. When your ears and eyes pop out, you will realize that you should be embracing your youth. You haven't even started aging. Aging is when you can see your eyebrows when you aren't looking in the mirror and you can scratch your breasts, your ankles and your *** at the same time and you avert your eyes when you pass your reflection in the shop windows. You may not be 11 but you are 17. Rejoice and look in the shop windows, but don't live for the moment because one moment's mistake can last an eternity. You may live to be 101 like my grandmother, so don't live for 84 more years with an STD. Think before you act and, certainly, don't think you are old. From a Mom