Our Story <3

I am a very lucky girl. My boyfriend is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, & i'm never letting him go. I met my man at a rave, a year ago. Each of our group of friends merged together, just sitting in the grass outside our tents. I looked over and saw this adorable guy. Crazy blue-green colored eyes with long eyelashes, a crooked smile, dimples, soft brown hair. I was checking him out. Hardcore. Later in the evening i was ready to dance. I had no one to dance with, so i walked by his group of friends while i was headed to the dance floor and said "anyone can join me!" & I took off. I get under the tent and start dancing. (I'm at a rave, so dancing by myself isn't too weird haha). & before i know it someones hands are on my hips, guiding me to the music. I look behind me, and it's him. The adorable guy from earlier. He has a big smile on his face, i can't help but smile back. We dance for hours, before we know it, we're kissing on the dance floor and people are cheering.
After that night we were inspeperable. We got to know each other, i met his roomates and friends. We soon fell in love, and there was no going back. We did everything together, and we were so happy. Sure, there were fights. But we could never stay mad at each other for too long. After about seven months of dating things got weird...he would cancel on me. Everyday. Also, i had been meaning to meet his parents (they live out of town,) & when they were finally in town & i wanted to possibly go to dinner with them? He wouldn't allow it. He would always find an excuse so that i couldn't see him or his parents. THEN he accused me of cheating on him. Which made no sense to me because i was either at school, work, or with him. There was no possible way i could've done that even if i wanted too! But he kept attacking me & attacking with all of these accusations and excuses...something was up.
Since he wouldn't invite me to his house i walked across town to get there anyway. (His friends would let me in no matter what.) So i got there & he answered the door, motioned for me to head to his room. We laid under the covers and cuddled, didn't say a word. Suddenly i broke down. I knew everything was different. It wasn't the same anymore & I had to face it. I rolled over, looked him in the eye with tears on my face & asked, "What's going on..?" He told me it was over, things are different now & not going back. I was so confused. Hurt. Does this mean that everything he's told me all this time was a lie? What will i do after this?
I looked him straight in the eye, grabbed him by the back of his neck & kissed him. Hard. I didn't know what went through my head for me to do that at the time, but he kissed back. We were both crying, & kissing. We were both so hurt & confused by each other. Oddly enough, we made love. It was one of the best times we've ever had. Then i grabbed some of my stuff from his room, & we said our goodbyes. But i didn't leave without saying, "You will never find someone who loves you, and cares about you half as much as i do." Then left.
Two months go by, & I'm not doing so hot. I think i'm moving on with my life, hanging with friends, working, doing well in school...but i feel so hurt inside. If his name is even mentioned in a conversation with one of my friends, i break down. I cried myself to sleep every night. I think to myself that he's just a memory. He's just a dream, that won't come true again. In this time i also realize that i can't even look at guys the same. None of them compared to him. They dont have his smile, his laugh, the way he holds me. They couldn't ever do that. I didn't want anyone else, i couldn't imagine being with anyone else.
One day, Im at wal-mart with a friend and we're headed towards the door. & my ex....the love of my life is right in front of me. He's walking with his friend and he's on the phone. He walks right by me without any acknowledgement. I freeze. My friend asks me if im sick, and what's the matter? I remind him that that was him. I dash to the car and bury my head in my lap and cry...I call my best friend & inform her on what just happend. She says "Thats IT!!!" & hangs up on me. 5 minutes later, i get a text.
Its from him, apologizing...saying that his whole life fell apart and that he wanted to talk to me again. Appearantly my friend texted him, saying that he should've been ashamed of himself and that i was the best he would ever have. This triggered him talking to me again. I was so happy to hear back from him...I told him anytime just let me know and we can hang out.
He picks me up from school the following week, we head towards the river. We are pretty flirty with each other, splashing the water at each other, tickling. Finally, he pulls me in for a hug. I hold him tightly, then kiss him on his shoulder.
Thats all it took. He pulled my face up to his & gave me a kiss, he let me know that he never stopped loving me. I told him the same. & now i have him again and it's almost been a year together. Things are so much better and healthier and we aren't going anywhere ever again. We discussed the reason why he left, and they were for personal reasons (if you really want to know i can tell you privately). But it was all for my safety and because he loved me, & just like how i didn't even look at another guy while we were apart, he hadn't looked or touched any girl. That's when he realized that i was the one for him.
He is the love of my life and he makes me feel so happy and lucky. There is no one like him. I thank god for him every day. I love you honey<3!
& That is our story in a nutshell:)
Thank you for listening.
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Hey this story is great! I'm glad you got back with your bf a similar situation happened to me but unfortunately we did not get back together :( peace out! -em