Texting Buddy

For 3 months I felt like I was on top of the world. My moms secretary has a son around my age and he had come over for parties at my house a few times. It wasn't until he declared he was attracted to me that I really paid attention to him. We exchanged phone numbers and since we lived in separate towns we communicated nonstop. Then, suddenly, things started to spiral. I realized I was falling for this guy that I only know through texting! He asked me out multiple times but I'll be honest I was scared to get a boyfriend. He took this the wrong way and started saying things like, I feel like killing myself, everyone hates me, etc and all that crap. Suddenly the love of my life was an unknow person; I was seeing a side of him I'd never seen before. After my mom saw the messages we weren't allowed to talk anymore and we haven't communicated in over 2 months. I've moved on, but it's hard to forget your first real crush (I won't say love cuz I'm too young for that haha)
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Wow, that's really tough, but it's good that it ended because say further down the line you dated him and when y'all broke up he would have gone crazy.

in the first instance the relationship was wrong because the guy is you mom secret son which means he is your blood brother dating someone like that is in itself a sin of ******. i think you have better thing you can still do for yourself at your age than that therefore concentrate your energy and attention on something more rewarding and worthwhile, serve the Lord Jesus faithfully and you will never regret it and at the appointed and appropriate time you will find a man after your earth. God bless you