I Dont Know What To Call This

Hello world this is my first time doing anything like this so Im kind of nervous to share this story. Well today I'm hanging out with my cousins and 2 boys come. 1 of them is my cousins BF and the other one likes her sister (also my cousin). So picture this, a group of teenagers go out, music is playing, couples are kissing and your sitting by yourself babysitting the music. I just felt like I was in everybody's way. But then again, I seem to always feel like that. I always feel like I'm just the fat cousin that everyone has to deal with. Oh yeah, by the way I'm obese (235 I think?). So yeah heres my first tiny tale I wanted to share. See you next time I post.
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you are special and there cannot be no one like you. there is somebody somewhere who God had created you for and when he meet you he will admire,cherish,respect and love you for your how you are. therefore never look down on yourself God understands. i love you

They are just taking you for granted and I bet you are a wonderful person that is really special. They do not determine how you feel about yourself, right? You will find the right people who will love you for who you are.

Thank you, I dont wanna say all that's true because I dont wanna paint then as bad people but you might be right. I hope I do find people that actually love me for who I am.

Hi, Regardless of what you look like, You ARE still a person in your own right. Even if the other people around you are in couple mode, they know deep inside you are there and are doing their best to include you. It may seem that they are " ignoring " you, but that is only becaue they are " concentrating on what they are doing, at that time.

Yes, my cousins were trying to include me but I know the boys got irritated when they left and came and talked to me. I just didn't want to be a problem for them.

Hello, THe boy's would of got irritated as I would understand why. Getting close to, kissing and cuddling would of stimulated them somewhat and then to have the object of desire, and wanting more to happen, move away to chat to you would leave them frustrated. And as they move away from the boy the girl would feel somewhat safer too. As the boy's would of wanted to physically touch " base " so to speak. You being there made the girl's feel safer with this.

Well I guess if I made them feel safer it wasn't all so bad.