What A Strange Morning

I was naked and on the toilet just before I got ready for school when my brother walked in. He just stared at me and I could see his eyes focusing on my pubes and then to my almost nonexsistent breasts. I yelled at him to get the **** out but he just stood there. He asked me if that was what I told Jeff. I almost cried when I heard this because Jeff told me that he would never tell anyone about that night he came in my hand. It was so freakin weird because after he said that he looked at me up and down and just left. I don’t understand exactly what happened. It is just so so weird.
cloe13girl cloe13girl
13-15, F
6 Responses Dec 14, 2012

we should talk

He should ha e complimented you on you looks and apologised

Sadly, boys mature far later than girls and the obvious demonstration of that is their crude and often embarrassing comments. They often think the world revolves around their personal interests. Knocking first could have prevented your embarrassment but his world has no room for manners. The good news is that time will cure that and some day when you remind him of his rudeness he WILL apologize.

never mind him God had wondefully and fearfully made you. why then should you care of what anybody said. you are you and there is nobody like on the planet earth. God bless you.

Never be embarrassed by what you have.Guys are far weirder looking and have to live that way every day.The nasty things brothers say will fade with age.He may say something far worse later.Hope he doesn't and grows out of it.

He is, presumably, a young lad himself. Coming of age in a culture with a clothing fetish, he's understandably curious about any and all females. What is this secret which is so important? Why does it FEEL like a secret? He couldn't NOT look.