Pen Pall, Anyone Intersted ?

Hi im 18 yrs old and a lesbian . im basically in the closet . the only one that knows is my sister and parents ( i told my sister but myparents accidrntlyfound out ) . I want to meet a penpal that can can share similar expriences with each other like the fear of coming out and growing up gay  If anyone is intersted dont hesitate to tell me !
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I'm a few years younger but would talk to you if you

Hi Mary if your sister and parents know why the fear of coming out? I guess it's easy and naive of me to just say go live your life. Life is challenging enough. If I had a children I would just want happiness for them. id have to be your penpall!!

i would love to talk i have been through it all and maybe i can help. i wish u all the best

We can be friends. I know where you're coming from <3

hi i will talk im scared of coming out two

i`l living a life adoring & supporting lesbian from a distance in my own world. i love to hear about your life.. email me at

WOuld be happy to talk to you im a Bi Male and know the pressures of beiing in the closet if you need someone to talk to im here

add me plz :)

hi all, Happy to see you all.<br />
I am also like you all.<br />
But cant do anything openly.<br />
Im in such a country.<br />
I do like penchatting and enjoy it too much.<br />
I have a secret girl friend and we can meet occasionally<br />
Pleas join with you.Pls add me.<br />
With love<br />
My id:

I'm 15 and I'm also a lesbian, message me if you ever need someone to talk to

I'm totally open and honest with the fact that I'm a lesbian but I think that maybe you could benigit from talking to someone who's out of the closet, feel free to add and message me if you're interested

^__^lets chat then in ym add me, I would love to talk to someone who is in my age(am 19 btw) and whos also like in my situation u know am also a closet lesbian. But lucky u ur parents know's and only my younger brother knows that am a lesbian.

Hello Mary . Add me . I'm 15 , lesbian from Vietnam .<br />
I have problems with coming out too . I'm outed to some friends at school ( cause they know that I have an online girlfriend ) but my mom doesn't know and she still thinks homosexuality is a disorder or a disease . Contact me at<br />
<br />
To TruelyAnAngel777: I don't think being bisexual nor homosexual is sinning . It's all natural which God created it . I am NOT a religious person but I do believe in God ( not a God from any religion ) . Be yourself . There's not sin in it when you love or feel for someone . Hope you find happiness and peace in accepting yourself and feeling comfortable with it not thinking that's it's sin . God bless you !! xD<br />
<br />
Merry Christmas to you all !

I am not gay. I am a married guy and i think it's wonderful and very healthy for you that you recognize who and what you are by the age of 18. When I was that age, I was just trying to get along day to day, but now a person with your preferrences is so much more accepted that it should be very easy to just shove that closet door open and walk away. Also, there are so many resources available to you for finding friends and partners and support that it is staggering.<br />
<br />
When I was that age I lived at home with my parents and my dad yelled a lot. He would have had a problem with me if I was gay...for a while, but mom would have thought nothing of long as I was happy and healthy-then dad would have softened about the whole thing.<br />
<br />
I worked for an airline for several years and met a lot of gay men and women and found every single one of those people to be the nicest, most pleasant, understanding, non-judgemental, loving people I had ever met. The salt of the Earth...every one of them. <br />
<br />
I would be happy to talk with you to answer any questions you might have-even though I am a flaming hetro-so feel free to check me out. Either way, I wish you well in your endeavours...

im a twin flame<br />
dont need anybody<br />
and nothing to fear<br />
in this life<br />
or the next<br />
go live your life<br />
the way you want to<br />
and have a nice day<br />
<br />
peace x