Pen Pall, Anyone Intersted ?

Hi im 18 yrs old and a lesbian . im basically in the closet . the only one that knows is my sister and parents ( i told my sister but myparents accidrntlyfound out ) . I want to meet a penpal that can can share similar expriences with each other like the fear of coming out and growing up gay  If anyone is intersted dont hesitate to tell me !
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I just realized I'm gay and I'm still pretty confused. I'm almost 20 and it would be awesome if I could talk to someone going through the same thing! :)

I'm a lesbian and need someone to talk to<3

I'll be your penpal(:

would love to chat or whatnot

Im would appreciate talking to someone about it. Haven't told anyone i am gay and im all the way in NZ :)

I would be very interested in making a pen pal, if you're still interested that is! I'm new to this site and also, I am a lesbian that's somewhat closted so I could use some help and chat with someone who understands, or who has been through the same struggles as myself. Message me if you'd like to keep talking. :)

I'm bi so simular. rents dont know

im game :p

I'll talk :D

I'm in, if you still are. :D

If the offer is still there im interested :) x

Hey I'm here if any of you need to talk...Just message me.

idloe toe a pen pal also, if ur still interested lol, shoot me an emal

Yeah I would, email me? Xxxx

I'm interested if the position isn't already taken(:

im interested i also have a few things i need to talk about.. if you send me you're email or something ill be more than happy to speak to you :)

Mary, I am not gay. I'm a middle-aged, straight, married mom of two living in the Bible Belt. I bet you're expecting a lecture. Well, you're getting one. <br />
<br />
Be happy. Don't live afraid but don't become an extremist who lives defiantly, as if hoping to provoke reactions. Most people really just care about the quality of a person. Most people don't want to support or condemn the choices of another person; we'd rather find common ground than battleground. Just live, kiddo. Make good choices for a good life. Be respectful of yourself and a partner if you pair up. If you encounter people who are uncomfortable, just be decent and humorous. Most people who feel "odd" around you will be reacting to their own disorientation or exposure to something different. When they watch you as if waiting for bizarre behavior, disappoint them. The power of bigotry is the belief that other people are different. You're just a person. Special, original, "YOUnique"-- as a person, not as a "lesbian-person." <br />
<br />
One of my oldest friends is married to her college roommate. They've been together for 27 years. Paid off their mortgage ten years ago. Had trouble getting pregnant but in vitro fertilization resulted in their 3 year old daughter. My friend is a stay-at-home mom who makes homemade nutella, hates housework, gardens, is curious and loving and accepting, is a coupon queen and packs her family up every weekend to visit Grampa. Yes, she's gay. I couldn't care less. Not because I'm over it, or celebrate it, etc. I don't care because I just don't. Why would someone else's choice of a partner matter to me? She doesn't care who I married, either. Of course, I would NEVER have picked the woman she did. (I prefer tall people.)<br />
<br />
Good luck. Blessed be.

i know a lesbian couple and they are so perfect together and they are both very lovely girls.

i know a lesbian couple and they are so perfect together and they are both very lovely girls.