Way Back When...

i've dated a few girls but only really cared for one...and she was the one who screwed me over. about a month into the relationship she cheated on me with a guy. after h f***** her and ditched she tried to kill herself and then came back to me. like a dummy i took her back...only to find her cheating on me with a different guy about two months later. it hurt a bit but after the second time i was over her. that was almost two years ago and about three weeks ago she tried to get back with me again. i just laughed and walked away lol
nayna1529 nayna1529
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3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Haha nice move, i would of done the same. u go girl!

Maybe you miss her so much because you feel like she choose someone over you? Is that a possibility? I've often felt this way knowing that I was "Second best" it bums me out.

you;ll find a good lover dont give up