Want To Chat?

Hey, I'm looking for someone to chat too about anything really... preferablly another teen lesbian haha
I don't like putting a label on it but i'm what some call a femme or lip stick lesbian, don't get me wrong I'm not looking for a relationship but I'm into girls who are also femme... I just can't dig the butchness.
Let me know girlies ;)
Sky17 Sky17
18-21, F
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You r welcome to message me anytime

message me, i'd love to chat :)

Message me ur cute. I will show u a pic of me if u do

i would like to see you have fun with another girl

i would love to chat! :)

Am I too late? Lol

message me :)

Aw, message me if you want to talk :)

You sound like me.... Message ;)

I'm definitely a femme:)

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Wow I completely agree! The 'butch' stereo type is what put me off excepting my lesbianness for a long time. Chat me anytime I would love to talk!! I am femme


I would love to chat with you about girl stuff

Skype me on BiLisaCouple. Will chat any time :)

Oh cool, Im a femme as well!

Hey girl, I may be late but if you need to chat still, friend me. I would love to talk to you, because I also am a teenage lesbian.

Hey I would love to chat! Message me :)

ohh i'd love to hang with a lipstick lesbien cuz i am one let's get to now each other!!

hey)message me)

Hi! I would love to chat you. Im a lipstick lesbian as well, and Im into girly girls too.

Cool :) message me, friend me so we can chat




Chat please sis. I'm on yim too

hey i would love to chat to you, ive known about my sexuality for about 2 years now, and have some stories to tell! xx

I recently came out to myself :) I know what you mean though. Two femme girls... ;)

ya. the butchness is nasty..but 2 feminine young girls..hot. ;)~