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I Fondled Her Asleep...sleep Groping!

I came to know I badly wanted to be with this girl when I was 13. A 17 beautiful family friend of mine stayed in my house for 2 weeks regarding her college admissions. In the beginning, things went fine, she was plump, fair, gorgeous & sweet. She shared bed with me.
Day by day, I started getting some different feelings for her, like I wanted to hug her tightly, but I never once got a situation like that. I fell in love with her navel. I believe hers was the greatest in the world, better than any actress, you see. I’ll tell you how I knew this.
When she was sleeping, I fondled her stomach, making love with it. I was touching her belly all over on her dress. I haven’t touched it without her dress on top of it. For my comfort, she was wearing a satin dress & that day when I touched her stomach, I could feel her navel very well. Without touching it barely or seeing her navel, I realized that it would be soooooooo heavenly.
The other night, I was tempted to lift up her top to see it and feel it, but she woke up when I made the attempt. Then I got scared and didn’t try it once again.
I never saw her after that, 3 years since then.
But I still haven’t lost that wish of caressing a beautiful stomach & making love with a navel like hers…
Her stomach was curvy, pale, soft, beautiful, flawless,…
shreyasurya shreyasurya 18-21, F 4 Responses Feb 13, 2012

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Thats hot! Add me? :)

sure... :)

Oh I love that little story. Be my friend

sure... sure... adding now!!

Go ahead and write your experiences...I love to read them. When I was in College hostel and sharing a room with my friend, I have tasted many times the pleasure of touching and getting touched intimately by my friend. We used to hug each other, hold each other, kiss each other, put tongues in each other's mouths and sometimes used to fondle each other's intimate hot and lovely....your story reminded me of those days we spent together...

SHreya, again u proved to be a writer capable enough of rousing the sexual feelings of girls like me. I too am adoring guus and deep navel<br />
I like it too much