My First Lesbian Experiance..

My first lesbian experiance was with my best friend. We were lying in my bed watching the oc and I donno why but out of no were all I wanted was to touch er and kiss her, both of us were straight or at least thought we were at the time. I started rubbin her sides and just touching her in general and playing with her hair then she turned and looked at me a d it felt like we just stayed like that for like ever, I wanted to kiss her so bad I wanted my lips and tongue all ove her body and hers all over mine. I was so scared to kiss her thenshe looked at my breasts and bit her lip and I just knew. I kissed her and once I realized she was kissing me back I pushe my hands up her shirt and started grabbing her breasts and rolling her nipples in between my fingers which really got her going. Her nipples were so hard and she just hoved up aginst me and started kissing my neck and she got on top of me and was dry humping me and getting off on it so I flipped over so I was on her and started rubbing her g spot from the outside of her pants she was so wet I could feel it and I put my hand down her pants and just kept touching her and teasing her by just putting my fingertip in here until I couldn't wait any longer I wanted her so bad I shoved my fingers deep inside of her and her mouth opened the littlest bit it was so hot and she was so wet, I'm gonna stop there cuz everyone doesn't need to know everything bout my first lesbian experience but that's basically all of my first experience it was amazing... Hope u enjoy lol
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i am so wet :)


defiantly got me going

How cute.


Gosh... now I'm so wet after reading about 3 stories here. Help! Where can I meet a woman who can help me experience the pleasure... I'm here in the Philippines

im from Philippines as well :) i can help

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so are you still doing this?

thank you you started my first lesbian experience:D:D

PLEASE continue telling us about the rest of your experiance!! im getting a little wet reading this...

oh my god that was hot. i want more :)

Lol I got anxious jus reading it.. It's interesting. I hope I can get a girlfriend too

That was cool...!!!!

That was a very hott story. Thanks for sharing it

om god i think im a little wet... please continue....

please continue

hahahahhahhaha!!!! sound like you intrest at her?? don't you?

omigod i think im a little wet...

have you done this too?

omg that sound sexy yo you had grate first time

Lol it deffinatly was ;)

Lol it deffinatly was ;)

Sounds very hot :)