Well, I'm 13 and in a girl and I think I like girls. I keep on thinking about kissing a girl and having the want for a girlfriend, I'm also sorta in love with my best friend who is also a girl and I really just wanna kiss her and tell her I love her and have her say she loves me back but I am terrified that she won't love me and also terrified that if she does that she will yell someone or if I tell someone I think in a lesbian they will tell there parents or friends and I just am so scared of people knowing. But still I just really want a girl to love me and cuddle me and kiss me and hold me and say that she loves me back. I also want a girlfriend now so I can like grow up with them and like have a long meaningful relationship like Brittany and Santana on glee. What do I do? Help me!
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2 Responses May 4, 2012

yay for glee! i've been there, I was (and still am) in love with my bff, and she's christian and was raised to be homophobic.. but as soon as i told her, she said she loves me too and we've been dating for almost a year now. has she been acting at all like she might feel the same?<br />
i'm here to talk if you need to :)

Hopefully things will work out for you. You can tell her you have had bi thoughts and see how she reacts.