I'm a 13 year old blonde hair blue eyed American girl! I need a girlfriend, and I've given up on getting my best friend to fall for me. Does anybody on here maybe want to be with me?
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Any teenage lesbians in uk that wanna link? ;)

need a girlfriend 13 years old. I'm a lesbian i have black hair brown eyes and live in johnstone wont mind if ur

You may act older that your age but your still young. Im not that much older than you and even I realize that I have to slow down too. Slow and steady wins the race, believe me :)

pick me pleaseeeeeee

Girl yr only 13 slowdown u still got time. Btw u have blue eyes cool!

Still try to take yr time.


Hey I'm lesbian too but I honestly like to be your boyfriend :)

pick me

me me pick me pleaseeeeeeee