I Don't Wanna Burn In Hell...

My whole life, I've been a perfect kid. I excell at sports and school and did whatever I could to make my parents and friends happy at the cost of my own happiness. I've gone to catholic school my whole life and am currently at an all girls catholic highschool where we learn that gay people aren't natural and will basicaly burn in hell, but at the same time we're supposed to be sensitive to their illness which ****** me off. I'm 16 and have finally admitted to myself that i'm attracted to guys and girls, but mostly girls. I am in the closet except to my parents and bro which I had no intention of telling, but it slipped out when my parents and I had a conversation about homosexuality and my dad said gay people are sinners and will burn for an eternity in hell. I said back what about me, i'm gay? My parents were in disbelief and I ran my *** out of the house in february barefoot. My bro got his car, found me and we drove around the rest of the night just talking. My parents disregarded this talk, except for making me go to a counselor and still act life I'm their perfect straight kid. Sometimes, I try to pretend I am too, but it just make everything worse.I feel so alone sometimes and I want to talk to people like me and get into a relationship so I will have the courage to come out to friends, but it's hard to find any girls at a catholic school to date and I'm not having much success anywhere else.
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If God can forgive murderers, thieves, adolterers and people who cut in line at STARBUCKS, he can fogive anything. <br />
Besides they say he made you the way he wanted to, and has a plan for you. So he must have wanted you to be a lesbian. In other words its impossible to go against his plan. So go whereever your heart takes you.<br />
<br />
"Don't hate me, because I have infaluble logic"-Foamy the squirl

Err, no. You can go against his plan. Because you are free. Humans are not God's puppets. Your life is your own, and none of your choices are in any way affected by God in a manner that could force you to go one way instead of the other. If there was an almighty and unchangeable plan, then there would be no sin, because all would be his will. I'm sorry for speaking up, this is neither the time nor place for such a discussion. I simply couldn't resist stating my opinion. What I said in my earlier comment still stands: That seat for hell is reserved for real monsters, not young girls in love. And sorry if I offended anyone's religious beliefs.

Well at least we agree about that last part.

The questions of religion are always hard to deal with, since it's so hard not to insult religious people. (I'm straight and Orthodox, but I don't think it matters here much). <br />
God loves you. No matter what people say, He truly does. And He will not leave you. So pray to Him for an answer. It won't be obvious, but He will answer. <br />
But, no. I don't think you will go to hell. That seat is reserved for real monsters, not girls like you.

So true

I'm not religious, but I don't think you should tear yourself apart because you're trying to suppress something you can't control.<br />
I wanted so much to be perfect for my parents, and when I realized around girls than I did around guys I felt different, an outcast. I tried so hard to like guys, but I just couldn't bring myself to. I always in my head considered them as friends and didn't feel slightly attracted to them. Luckily, my parents were accepting and don't care that I'm gay, but I know not everyone is that lucky. <br />
So, if you ever need someone to talk to, message me. :3

Nobody is irredeemable. Jesus died for the salvation of all. But He didn't say to the woman taken in adultery "Go and follow your bliss." He said "Go and sin no more."