I'm almost 18 and I just accepted the fact that I, myself, am a lesbian. I've always known I liked girls, even when I was really little I would wanna play house with my girl friends and I would be the "husband" just so I could kiss them, in sixth grade I realized, I'm a lesbian, but then I thought, I can't be so I dated guys and had sex with guys and stuff trying to convince myself i was straight but inside of me there was this horrible storm happening tearing me apart then a few months ago i let myself believe it, and I recently told my ex that I was gay and he had the craziest freak out i've ever seen.... It sucked. So he broke up with me and we went our separate ways, and i'm fine with that... but my best friend in the whole wide world, seems like she's flirting with me but I can't tell. But I know I flirt with her all the time, I wonder if she notices. I'm in love with her.. a girl... and I'm not afraid of it anymore!
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Good that you can be open about it. Let her know