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I've liked a few guys before and thought they were good looking but I've really fallen in love with the personalities of girls. Girls are so nice, caring, and emotional and I love it. And as I've had to deal with douchebag guys, I've become sexually attracted to girls as well. It's really hard to be anything in the LGBT realms as a teen because everyone is judging you and you try to fit in. I sometimes feel like I'm doing something illegal by liking girls like that, and I've tried to totally steer away from it, but I can't help how I feel. I just need someone to talk to because I can't talk to anyone about it at home or school without being judged.
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I know what you mean, I can tell when a guy is good looking but I don't want to have a relationship or anything..

With girls it's just easier to understand them, easier to see their best qualities, it's just easier to fall in love. Plus, most guys are too arrogant anyway.

Anyways, if you want to talk about it, I'm here for you :) I've been told that I am good with giving advice

Yeah same, I'll be like "hey that guy is handsome" but I wouldn't date them. Something about the shy girls that are only loud near you, the connection with other girls, their soft skin and ahhhh yes! <3 ;)

I know am a lesbian more than being straight. Even when I have to have physical relation with a boy I have to imagine iam with a girl sometimes but because of my strict community policies I cant ever tell anyone this. But am only attracted physically to girls.If you feel like talking I can listen because I think I have some similar experiences

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your comments :)

I totally understand.A friend of mine was much like you were. She had a single girlfriend but because of religious beliefs we were not able to accept it at the time. I have a much more open to this now than I was before. Please message me because if I can help I want to. A friend is no longer among the living because I was not listening. I do not want that to happen to you.

If you need someone to talk, you can message me if you would like. :3 I'm not sure if I'll have that much advice, but I don't mind listening.