Flying Back Home – Part 1

In plane coming back from Rome to Lebanon.. I was reading a book killing time when she comes to me asking what I like to eat .. ? I look at her and I found a very attractive host with her sexy uniform smiling at me .. I really was not that hungry so I ask her what she offer me ? .. she read to me what written in the menu but I still don’t know what I want .. so I ask her if u r in my place what u will eat ? she smiled and said .. if its up to me, I want to eat ur ***** .. !!
I couldn’t believe my ears .. is she said what I really heard ? I looked again she was disappear , and for the last 5 min. she was looking at me with a very hot sexy smile .. she was coming and going near me showing her sexy walking .. and give me a smile and secret blank from her eye which make me smile to her also .
She was very stylish woman .. long dark hear .. slim sexy body walk like a princess .. but I am not lesbian .. I cant and shouldn’t fall in to her ..
she came again and ask me again what do u like to eat .. I told her I m not what she thought I am .. she bend over and put her finger at my mouth and said don’t worry I just said what I realy feel .. and I m sorry if I embarrass u .. now I ll bring u some light food and a class of wine she said that and left agine ..
When we arrived to airport I saw her standing next the plane door smiling to all passenger while they are leaving , when I approached to her she put a piece of paper in my hand and said .. just in case u change ur mind , when I get out the plane I look at the paper in my hand what she wrought it was just a mobile no. I looked back at her to see her looking at me.. so I smiled and shake my head ( no ) and continue walking out .. !!
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l am supporting lesbians !!!

mmmmmm, your a hot sexy beautiful girl. xxx

unbelievable story!!! i bet you were soaking wet yes???

wow so hot girl I want you I am alone too

I hope you called her sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

I can only imaged that you two were perfect for each other, even if you were strangers.

Fantastic story can't wait for part 2 :)

Can't blame her - I'd want to do the same thing! Please add me:)

ok .. :)

Sounds so thrilling, I bet it made you wet thinking about her offer...

Wow, very sexy. you are really attractive. Would love to get to know you more. <3

thank u .. u can sweety thats why i m here

sounds like a very sensual moment, I hope I read for soon about it

you not adding me bc i wet the bed

to all .. yes i called her .. and i ll tell next time ..

plsssssss tell me what happen later .. i wish u called her ..

I'm glad you are on the side that loves men but that does sound pretty erotic and an experience to explore. I know she would love it since you are so pretty