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Im A Lesbian And Proud

I used to hide it all the time.I tried so many times dating guys.
But after all I finally came out.Not to my parents though.
Now I'm just looking for a girl to love.If there is annyone out there.
Message me (:
Itonlytakesoneword Itonlytakesoneword 13-15, F 3 Responses Jun 8, 2012

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Unless I die skydiving or bunjee jumping you know?... I like adventures


lol nvm ... Ill see you there at your wedding girl

Awhh well that's good you came out girl ;* I'm sure there is the perfect girl out there for you. You just gotta look hard for her :) and you'll finally meet THE one :D bye gorgeous have a nice day

Thank you girl, I think I found her already :)

Lol awhhhhhwho is she :3 ........ ^.^

You! lmfao jk....
Nahh its this pretty asian I met last month.

Awhh <33333 lol & awwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :( I thought it was me..... Lol well is it that girl mzasia????

....Sorry? Your cute but I could of met you before. & Yeah :) , but she is barely ever here :(, makes me wonder.

Lol naw it's cool I beryl meet you girl xD haha & awhhhh well like are you guys dating?! Cuz if you guys are then that's fuckedup that she's not on to talk to you but in anotherwaymaybe she has a resin why she hasn't been on lately

*reason srry it the stupid autocorrect

Yeah I'm playin with you girl..... Hmm no actually were juss friends kinda...I'll wait a while and see what happens

Lol alright :) hopes she kneels down and takes your hand and ask you "will you,my love be my girlfriend" hahahah :)

Haha I hope so too. Is that how you ask girls?

Maybe.... Hahaha :) actually I never had a girlfriend all though I did love a girl once ahhhhhh she made me happy but all she thought of me was her BFF and cuz she already had a gf ...

:] been there too.... it sucks right. Well just be patient you'll find a guy/girl that will love you.

Lol yessh I will someday :) & you will too <3 :D

I know we will. We need to keep in touch so you can invite me to your wedding in 20 years lol

You know it!!! ;D hahaha :)

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