Guys Can Be So Very Stupid

OK! so I was shopping by myself and this "hot guy" tried to picked me up which I was flattered by because I have never had anyone take an interest in me before (guy or girl) but of course I am a Lesbian. So I told him that I was gay might I add I have only told like 5 people and my mum is still not one of them but I tell so random well that’s because I thought that he seemed like a sweet guy and I didn’t want to lead him on or hurt him (which even after what he said I still wouldn’t do that). But then he come out with I quote unquote “so if you’re a lesbian who rape you” what the F*** well I just walked away. I was very anger at the stupid things people say and think but I guess I did get a good laugh from it after wards. Anyway I just thought you guys might think it funny or have a similar experience that you can relate to 
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well i have alot of lesbian friends and even have a very intimate encounter because it happen that her gf become my gf so she was angry at me and then later on we become friends and then without plans we ended up ******* and then she ask me that we can **** and i will let her **** my gf then 3 some and all which later i did convince mu gf to let her and then be with us so at the end we all have a good relationship till now though we all have different life but when ever im home i do call and make discreet arrangement and we all have some enjoyable nights and week end together.So you see i dont mind my friends are all with different choices and i respect them for what they wanted to do with their life and be happy about it.

I'm always fascinated by what guys say in reaction to the whole "I'm a lesbian" thing. The response I get the majority of the time is "I can turn you." or "Can I watch?" Its really stupid so I take it upon myself to destroy their ego. They think they're obligated to be where they don' t belong. Well, not all guys. Some guys are really nice and sweet but the ones who make ridiculous comments like that both fascinate and frustrate me. But yours is a little odd. I guess there are just some odd people out there. Look at it as a new story to tell for a laugh :)