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Please Read Befor Addin Me

I'm not interested in guys watsoeva so please if ur a guy thinkin ur gonna make me straight or r tryin to get with me don't bother. I don't mind guys there cool n I'm down with bein friends. Also i look at ur profile before I add u so if I even have suspitions that ur a creep I'm not addin u. Also we all have blocked buttons n personally I no how to use it. I'm lesbian n if u have a prob with that then don't even try to add me. I'm an atheist so if ur tryin to go all religous on me please do save it. And I have mad depression n self harm issues so if ur here to judge forget about it. I'm proud to be me n no ones gonna change that so if u can't accept me for who i am then never look at my profile again please. So if u follow my simple rules then maybe I'll add u xD. Thanx and goodbye.
bliss1197 bliss1197 18-21, F 2 Responses Jul 25, 2012

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I am okay with that I don't judge anyone or anything

i hope no one tries to change u, girl on girl is very nice. sorry to hear ur depressed and hurt urself.

Ppl try but they don't succed n yes I agree I like girl on girl in stead of me with a guy. N don't be sorry it's normal for me now after 4 years

it is not normal for anyone. doesn't anyone help u deal with this? i would be all over ur case about it if u were my daughter. i would love to have a daughter and the last thing i would want is for her to be hurting herself

Nope no one cares or even notices it's wateva n my mom died when I was ten

Thanx n I don't think so

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