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Can't Wait For School ;))

First year of highschool, and I really can't wait...why? Duhh! New opportunities to meet new girls, friends, and just a new environment! Plus, the girl I've been crushing on for 2 years is super shy and shell come to me when she's scared and can't find anyone else! (she only has two "friends"). Anyways, I'm so pumped! I LOVE this girl to death! Like I fantasize about her all the time! It's amazing! <3 she's great, I just hope she likes me back, even if she doesn't, I hope she'll kiss me or let me kiss her or something so I can make sure I like her! Although, I'm 99% sure I love her! I can't get away from her, it's like a magnet is pulling us together! :) love... <3
GuitarAndMusic GuitarAndMusic 16-17, F 1 Response Jul 30, 2012

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That's exactly why I love high school, the eye candy is truly amazing here :3

Hell yeah it is! But the homework is awful! (I'm in all honors) but there's soooooo many beautiful "eye candy" girls ;D