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Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

Hey, I'm Eva. I've never really liked girls and maybe even didn't understand how two girls could be attracted to each other....uuuuuntil now! Since 8th grade to be precise. It all started at the beginning of the school year. My class took the seats, I had two best friends who were more close to each other than me (those ******* :D) buut yeah they took the double seat (we have only double seats at my school) and the seat next to me was empty..BUT not for long. A new student suddenly appeared this gorgeous girl brown eyes and hair, white skin, perfect body aaand she sat next to me, probably thinking that my gaze at her was rather inviting. She sat and and I wanted to ask her name (polite curiosity, right?) I looked her in the eyes and had the feeling like my heart stopped. I couldn't even let out a word, just felt little numb. Then I woke up and asked her "umm, hey what's your name?'' I was blushing like hell ''wtf just happened?'' I thought to myself ''Karen, what's yours?'' she asked "Eva, nice to meet you, Karen!'' I smiled, but the thoughts in my head were so disturbing: of kissing her. I was still looking in her eyes and the feeling was if I stared more than 5 seconds I would mindlessly kiss the crap out of her "omg,omg,omg" I thought "what the **** Eva?''. So yeah, true story. That was the time I realized I liked girls. I never knew I could feel so much around a girl, well I never realized I could POSSIBLY feel so much, no guy could make me blush or make me feel so turned on I guess. Before I met Karen I actually thought something was wrong with my feelings. :D
so yeah, how did you realize you liked girls?
crazywoman95 crazywoman95 16-17, F Aug 10, 2012

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