Solomiyas Birthday Present

Last week i was very busy working on a history project and studying for test in english. In the middle of all this, Big Sister Solomiya tells me it is her birthday on friday and i have to help her prepare everything. I have to clean all her room and decorate it for party, wash plates and glasses and help her put out food and then iron special shirt she wants to wear for her party.

Of course, friday is Solomiyas special bath night too. I am rushing to get all the work done on time and to make sure her bath water at right heat and all her things her soap and bubbles and lotion and powder ready and im not paying attention. I iron a crease into one sleeve of her party shirt. It is not big but is easy to notice.

After I help Solomiya with her bath, she is getting dressed and i tell her about the crease. She go really mad, shout at me, tell me im stupid and useless and then she say she is going to spank me for my mistake.

Well i knew this would happen sometime and i got through nearly 7 weeks without punishment. I dont think spanking is bad compared to cane i get at home from Papa.

Solomiya tell me take off blazer. Then she sit on her bed and tell me bend over her knees. When i am lying across her knees she say im going to give you good spanking for spoiling my shirt, then she lift up my skirt and pull my panties right down to my ankle.

She just spank with hand so not really painful like cane but bottom stings a lot and she spank a long time. I dont count how many times.

The worse thing was when Solomiya pull down my panties and start to spank my bottom i got excited. I could feel heat inside and knew id get wet. I was hoping Solomiya would not notice but when she finsihed spanking she start to rub my bottom and then put her hand between my legs. I know she can feel im wet. She leaves her hand there for a few minutes just moving fingers a little not really rubbing, then gives me squeeze and tells me stand up get dressed.

I was so embarassed about getting excited like that i really did not know what to do when Solomiya look me straight in eye and smile like she pleased with herself, like she know something private about me now.

When i see her on saturday and sunday too she look at me same way like she has plan for me
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Your father has no right to cane you like that. If it gets too bad you should call child services or the equivalent to that in you country. I just want you to know you should have a way out if you need it. Godspeed.