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A Letter

Hi Daddy,

I've wanted to tell you something for a while, but never really known what to say. So, I'll tell you now.

I'm a lesbian. You have no idea how hard it was for me to write that. I know you aren't homophobic, and I know you won't 'disown' me or anything haha. You aren't like that :)

It's just hard to write because I'm having a difficult time admitting it to myself. You might think it's just a phase. It's not. I wouldn't call 7 years a phase. I've known forever.

I've always been trying to change it, to like boys. But I just don't. I've come out to mum, sis, Angie, Leah, and my friends. I know 14 is really young to come out, but I'm just so sick of hiding it.

Anyway, we don't have to talk about this or anything. I just want you to know.

Love Bilby xoxoxo
ilovestephano ilovestephano 13-15, F 14 Responses Nov 21, 2012

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It's so great that you and your dad have such a loving and open relationship! My dad is a pastor and homophobic. It's really hard knowing I can never tell him who I really am because he would never accept me. Just know you are so lucky!

Hi there, I am the dad this letter was written for, so stop reading it - just kidding :p, I would just like to say how proud I am of her and say what a well written letter this was! Every doubt or thought I had was then cleared up in the following lines. For example - a phase and too young to decide sexuality. I would still love her the same if she were a mass murdering alien!! Haha. Anyway, thanks for giving her all your support and good luck with all your struggles. :-)

thanks bum :) xx

Love ya Bilby.

Thanks Issy, she sure is amazing! I work with a gay guy and he is in awe of her being so brave coming out so young! I only really signed up to EP so I could reply to the letter ( I want her to have her privacy on here). You are obviously a good friend to her! :-) so thank you again. Love your EP name by the way.

hey girl. be proud of your self <3
your the most important thing in the world. love your self and love who you are. if people don't like who you are then they are silly and their opinions are not important :) . You are amazing and im really proud of you <3

thanks! :) xx


thanks :)

Wow! Awesome note!!

Thank you :)

Very nice note my friend...i love your courage to write this letter to your father!!!

I have given it to him :)

Your a fantastic person! You are so brave and have so much courage!

Thank you!

You're an awesome, brave 14 year old girl

thank you so much

You go girl !! =)
How do you feel after writing your hearts desire ?

relieved that I've finally told him! :)

It'll be ok babe. Honestly I was you about a decade ago. I've since learned as I hope you do that lesbian is just a word and no one needs to know who you love nor do you need to hide it. Just love freely. Life is short and so easily lost. love as many people as you can and experience as much as you can without hurting yourself too badly. fighting for your rightsis only necessary when they are in question and as for your dad knowing... to put it quite plainly... why does your dad really need to know what goes in your private parts, who puts it there, or who you wish would? lol. Just food for thought. I love and adore my grandmother and I'm sure somewhere deep down she knows. I've brought girlfriends to thanksgiving reunion. I just make it a nonissue and then she doesn't have to deal with it and I don't have to stress about it. The only person who really can make it an issue with someone who truly loves you is you. Hope this helps love.

Thank you so much for the support

Too bad I can't tell my parents they'd kill me! I'm bi but still... You go!

The true will set you free

Good for you! I came out when I was 16! 22 now... it's awesome.

i'm dealing with the same thing but hav'nt told anyone! i tried to make my self like boys but just can't!

you shouldnt try anymore :) everyone should just accept who they are and be proud of it! you don't have to tell anyone if you arent ready and dont want to. but if you do want to tell someone you definatly should! when i told my best friend (who was the first person i ever told) i felt sooooo great. if you are going to tell someone though, tell someone you trust. but its all a really personal choice and its completely up to you xo

thanks! i don't think im ready though to come out to anyone! i think i am a scared they won't understand i know when i'm ready who i will tell but the thing is i know people will judge me it's just i don't want to be judged on just because i like girls that is a part of me but it's not the only part! i guess im still accepting myself because i only realised a little while ago:)

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” - Dr. Seuss

in other words, dont worry about what people think! :)

My favorite philosopher;) beautiful.

ilovestephano thanks!

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