Bi Sexuall

Hey there :) Well I have been bisexual for a while now and well none of my friends know. but I want to have a girlfriend I can talk to and just be a girl with. But I dont know how to tell my friends and family. I love to chat and talk dirty :P I am a really fun girl :) message me anytime and I hope I get to talk to you. I am 15 years old by the way :)
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8 Responses Nov 25, 2012

Nice my dear likes it.

Do you have a kik?

im a 15 year old guy and one of my best girlfriends is bi-sexual doesnt change anything so you shouldnt be afraid :)

add me;) i'd like to get to know u.

add me anyway:)

nice do like the life of change with the same sex as u?

hey got the wrong age my new account :)

mmmmmmmmm....very hot!