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Hey girls! I'm Lex, 16 and from the states! Message me ;)
LexieWillows96 LexieWillows96
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

hey lex hit me up sometime. love to hear from ya

im sure lexie you will have alot of women that would enjoy you the same way so happy hunting...

Thanks :)

welcome my friend and Happy Holiday


Hello :)

Well I wish I had thought of something to say after hi.... Sorry about that

Haha :)

Sooo.... What's up :)?

Not a lot, how about you?

Same... Well I'm going back to USA this month.

Where are you at the moment? :)

Um South America

Well actually I live in South America

I say well a lot when I'm bored....

Oh right :)) I live in California

Lucky you ;)

I know right :))

You're very pretty

Thankyou :))))



What school do you go to?

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