Gives Me Hope...

This past weekend, my 14 year old cousin gave me hope! She came out and told my MOM (of all people) that she was bicurious. And get this, my mom was okay with it! That made me actually consider coming out and telling my mom that I'm a lesbian. I don't know...

But anywho, what's up? How are you guys? :D ♡
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6 Responses Dec 4, 2012

If you feel that your mom would be okay with it, then tell her. Good luck :)

you should definatly tell her! :) she may be shocked at first but i'm sure she will be okay with it. message me, i know what you're going through :)

I wish you the best of luck! Coming out can be really hard for people, but it must be done eventually. If you do come out message me and tell me how it goes. I am curious since I haven't come out to my parents yet.

Thanks and I will.

Congrats hun!!! :) im a lesbian. Hope we can be friends!


Your welcome! :)

hi I try reply but you not allow underage communications can you change settings?

I say build a strong relationship with your mom and then tell her. Good luck!

Thanks! We already have a really strong relationship I'm just really scared of how she might react.

Yeah you never know how she'll react or if she'll treat you. I don't have the same problem but I do have some friends that have gone through what your going through. Just hint to her you like girls? Um its hard to to explain but try to get her to guess it on her own before you tell her so she isn't shocked.