I Want My Hannah So Bad To Be With Me

i am 16 tall slim brown long hair pretty and i have had the biggest crush on this girl called Hannah (im not good at writing or spelling so sorry about that) so any way i have had this crush for like 5 years no and when ever i see her all i want to do is make sweet passionate love to he he is also 16 tall very slim blond with the most beautiful blue/green eyes like the the mediterainan sea. so is the most beautiful girl i have ever met. so when i see her i want to love her so much and i love her smell when she walks by (she wears the lovely cherry perfume) anyway when im alone all i can do is thing about her and they life we could lead if we was together and how happy i could be but also how i miss her when alone which makes me was and angry and makes me thing that i will never be loved by any one. i go to a college same as her where she is popular, loved and adored, be she is straight and has a boyfriend. she is still a virgin as am I. and i want to lose it to her. nobody knows that i am a lesbian not even my best friend. i have dreams about her and what could happen and also i sometimes master-bate to her and sometimes believe that she is there.

somebody please help me... i don't know what to do.
spankandwedgieme spankandwedgieme
Dec 8, 2012