Kayla Part 2

Well thanks for the comments guys!!! Lol (being sarcastic no one commented) anyway I did call Kayla a few days ago. And although it wasn’t the exact answer I wanted, I still feel warm and fuzzy inside. First I called her in the morning and woke her up L. I wonder if she’s even prettier when she sleeps? Anyway she answers and I tell her. Her mom came and she couldn’t reply. :’( so then later that day I called her and asked if I made anything awkward for telling her that I loved her. She said no. that actually she somewhat felt the same. But she has a bf and we never get to see each other. So well have to wait an extremely long time to work everything out. But trust me she’s worth the wait. She has green eyes and a perfect smile. She’s perfect. We’re both bi but I’m more towards lesbian. And a thanks to anyone who reads this.

My advice to you guys (if you care) is no matter what your brain is always going to tell you the worse things you can imagine, sometimes you just have to just risk it to get what you want. You never know what might happen. J
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Good for you! <3 good luck :)


That is a great phrase, can I use it? lol anyway, I really hope everything works out between you and Kayla. I'm thinking about talking to my crush, because she gives me signs she likes me too, but I'm afraid of what she might say :/

Sure use it lol!!! and i think you should go for it whats the worse that can happen?


I confessed to my straight best friend I while back! I have also met her for like a year and it's the best year of my life! Either way good for you!!!! I don't like my friend anymore, now I see her as a little sister I have to take care of. So we celebrate the day we first met. We call it BFA ( Best Friend Aniversary ). You should do that with her, it's kind of fun!

And ya neva know what could happen ey?

right! i the way it worked out for me isnt how it works for everyone but im happy with how it turned out!!!

good luck to u sweetie, i hope everything works out for you


i totally agree with you on following your heart. id rather regret doing something than regret NOT doing something. hopefully things work out between you two and you can one day be together. you are so brave for telling her! i dont think i would be able to do that! message me if you want to talk some more, my names georgia by the way :)

thanks for understanding!!