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I Have A Bit Of A Problem.. Please Help!

I have a bit of a problem. I have been talking to an older boy on Facebook, he goes to my school. He is two grades ahead of me, but we get along well. He didnt know i was a lesbian, because the topic didnt really come up. I think i gave him the wrong idea and he asked me out on date! He wanted to be my boyfriend! So I had to tell him that it wasn't him or anything, that I'm a lesbian and that I'm not into boys at all. He then sounded really sad and he started to say things like 'are you sure you dont like boys? Like maybe you do..' and he kept trying to change me and turn me straight! It got a bit annoying.. but then I just firmly told him no. Now things are really awkward, and he is starting to creep me out. He is like obsessed with me, is always sending me messages, and getting upset when I don't reply! He is becoming creepy and I dont really want to talk to him anymore. He makes me feel really uncomfortable for some reason. He is always asking me to send him pictures of me (just normal ones, not like sexts or anything), and I do so because I have a hard time just saying no to people. I'm a people pleaser. Anyway, he is always telling me I'm beautiful and stuff, and that may sound really nice, but it's not. It's really creepy and makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't know what to do. I don't want to talk to him anymore. It's become awkward. Should I say this? Or should I just ignore him? I don't know.. Please help.
ilovestephano ilovestephano 13-15, F 5 Responses Jan 1, 2013

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1. What a creep 2. Tell him how you feel 3. He clearly has some issues because for example if I like a girl and she tells me she's straight I'll probably won't want to creep her out or something so I'll just accept it.

LOL yeah he is a creep :/ i think he is just desperate for a girlfriend. ugh its weird, but i have taken on your advice, thanks :)

;) np

If you don't tell him how you're feeling and what it's doing to you, then it won't stop. There's no point in ignoring him because it will either make things worse overall or nothing will change, it's best to tell him so that way both of you can move on from this point in time.

Just make sure you're happy in the end.

That's how I see it at least.

hey :3 I understand you 100%... see the thing about people is... that they want what they cant have... specially if they like it... ( I am gay and every time i tell a girl that likes me that, well they go crazy and they tell me I'm not... I'm pretty sure i know how i feel lol) in my case... I told my x I am gay and she keeps telling me and everyone that I'm not gay... but i know I am... I understand what you mean about being a people pleaser because I am one also... but you cant let people walk all over you and take advantage of you. I would say stop talking to the boy but I'm sure you're not gonna do that so just make him understand that you are serious about how you feel and he needs to back off! hope this helped and if you need to talk I got you haha. :)

Thanks for the advice :)

Well you are a very pretty lesbian. The hot lesbian fascination some men have may make matters worse.

thank you! :) and yes it does make it way more difficult

I had a friend like that, the only difference was he didn't ask me to send photos of myself. But otherwise he was pretty creepy. He kept trying to convince me that I could change and become straight. I don't like to admit it but I believed him for a while. Anyway eventually he understood and lay off. About six months after that when we hadn't been keeping in touch too much we had this conversation where he told me he was gay. Or bisexual, he wasn't sure. He's one of my best friends now. Although he still probably likes me a bit, he's evolved into a better person and he's really supportive. I'm super glad I didn't ignore him or get angry at him.
I'm not too sure how applicable this is in your situation but I think you shouldn't worry too much about him. Act normal with him. But don't ignore him. He'll get over you soon without any messy situations.

Hope that helps :) xx

hmm ok. thanks for the advice :)