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How Things Should Be:

A lot of straight girls you come across will probably get away from you because you're a lesbian or bi. Wouldn't it be so great to tell them to **** off because they're average, ordinary people and we're different... And hot?!?! Screw all the homophobes and s**t, If someone comes and laughs at me for being bi well I'll become a heterophobe!!! And ironically most pretty girls I've seen are either les or bi. Look at Megan Fox!!!
Tamayo Tamayo 13-15, F 4 Responses Jan 8, 2013

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I know right!!! SOO annoying though. It is hard for me to make friends being gay. But you know I guess that is how life is. But on the up I have like 2 other gay/bi friends so its all good.

I just try message but you dont allow communication with under age members! So you're not sexist but you are age-ist!!! How great is that!

Woah I'm so sorry I'll try to change that hahaha I didn't know. I'm not THAT new to ep but I don't get on often but it's really possible that I'll start getting on a bit more.


Look we just are! Dont look at Megan Fox look at you look at ilovestephano! Were beautiful and were strong! Straight girls need boys to validate them. Who do we need but ourselves! So Ce-les-brate!

1. If that was a complement then thank you ;), 2. Well I don't think I'm that good looking, 3. ilovestephano would totally kick as* against megan fox

complement yes but also true!


megan fox is soooo hot. her personality is not that great, and i wouldn't date her for that reason, but she's still soooo hot :) and i hate straight girls sometimes. they aren't attracted to all men? why do they think we are automatically attracted to them? they act like we are a different species to them, and the truth is that we are not that different at all. we just like girls/girls and guys. so what? who we love and sleep with is none of their business anyway. straight people really disappoint me sometimes :/ its not that they are all homophobic, but i think a lot of them dont know very much about LGBT people and are quite ignorant without realizing it.
but to be honest, ive actually been a bit heterophobic at times. ive judged some of them just for being straight, and it turned out they were great people. then i realized i was doing one of the things i hate the most. being judgmental and treating someone differently because of their sexual orientation! scary isn't it?
sorry for the long comment LOL


Hahaha don't worry about the long comment it was cool to read it. I agree with everything you said especially with megan fox :P