My Girlfriend :x

I have been with my amazing girlfriend for over three months and our anniversery is on October 13. That means 2013 is our year :X I met her in 1st or 2nd grade and have always been interested in her. I just didnt know I would fall in love with her and she'd be my reason for living. I always knew there was something about her. She's one of those beautiful, innocent, sweet girls in romance movies that once they smile at u all u can think about is her smile and what it could mean and it just makes ur world. She has the most amazing body ever and whenever we're walking to our classes at school theres always at least one guy looking at ur triple D chest which always ****** me off caz shes all mine. She loves me through my faults and has a wonderful personality. Shes like an adorable little kid u watch and love but can still be mature and sexy, seductive and is a real good tease, she's an especially good kisser. We'll be making out and she'll pull away and her lips will form in her sexy little smirk while i wait for her to kiss me again but she continues to wait till I cant take it and pin her and kiss her while she teases me about how much I want her. She puts meaning in my life and I love her with every beat of my heart. Shes my everything and she'll be mine forever. When u think of the word beautiful, u get my girlfriend:)
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That's great news! I wish I find the one for me :(

Thanks :)

that so good!!

omg you are so lucky!! i hope i have the same kind of thing one day

thanks :) i believe that too

i know you are beautiful person will find right one for you!!

thanks! :)

is pleasure you deserve it!

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your so lucky....