I Think She Knows.. :o

I can never bring myself to come right out and tell my mom that I'm a lesbian, so I decided to just give her hints. I think it's working and I think she knows but she won't say anything to me about it. It is KILLING me. It's just so hard for me to say it because my mom doesn't like lesbians. I'm afraid that if I tell her she's going to disown me or something. I'm afraid that she will see me as a disappointment, or hate me. We're so close and have the best relationship and I don't want to ruin that. Should I grow a spine and tell her or no? ...
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i know how you feel, you need to do what you have to do, you will know when the time is right dont rush into anything

Well if you're scared she might disown you or something, then at least wait until you're 18 or not financially dependent on her, that way you'll be safer.

If you really want to tell someone tell someone you trust first like a friend but only if you trust them with the secret. and then just go from there. I didn't tell my mum the person i like was a girl, we use to just call her by her birthday we called her (12th of July) and then one day she just guess it! we were in the car and she said "12th of July the person you like is a girl? isn't she?" and now she doesn't care so deep down i think your mum can just naturally tell.

Mmm I told my mom and she told my dad so it was kinda tough. I told my friend first and I took advantage of the courage and told my mom really directly. She is really disgusted by the idea of two girls being together but she accepted it. Of course my dad was way cooler about it than she was. If you can't tell her, write her a note, text, or tell her on the phone. I know it sounds better to tell your family members first but you don't have any chance of disapointing a friend by telling them, you do have the chance if you tell your family....

Well if u think your mom knows but is ignoring it then it means she doesnt want to face the fact. Do what u think is best for you. After all your mom did wat she thought was best for her. Good Luck!!

ilovestephano is right and very sensible. is still plenty time tell your mama when older. I cannot tell my Papa Mama now cos just dont know what they would do. So i have to wait til older. xxx

you do not have to tell her if you do not want to. it is completely your choice. i couldnt find the words to tell my dad, so i wrote him a letter: http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Am-A-Teenage-Lesbian/2739707

you never know what might happen. after coming out to your mum, she might change her mind about lesbians. maybe you could write her a letter about it, saying that you know she probably doesn't approve, but you hope she will still love you just the same. and im sure she will, dont worry :)

even if she doesn't agree with your lifestyle or sexual orientation, im sure she will still love you, and will still care about you.

overall, it is completely your choice whether you tell her or not. there is no rush, you do it whenever you feel comfortable and ready. there are lots of people on ep to help and support you through this, and i am one of them. you can message me if you need to talk xx