My Came Out Story

I never had feeling for any girls. All my life I have been crushing on guys. But all that change when I started liking on girls. But I'm not a lesbian or what..Im just bisexual. I still like guys. All this started when I had feeling for this girl which is actually my friend. But that feeling was long gone. It's hard for me to be like this and hard to came out to my friends. I only told my friends that I can trust. And I know my family won't accept it, if I told them I was bi. They will kill me if I told them. The only person that I told was my auntie. What should I do? Any advice please...
Secretdiary92 Secretdiary92
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Definitely don't rush telling your parents... I ended up telling my mum at the wrong time, and nearly 4 months later it's still one of my biggest regrets... You can see my story if you want. (In my story I say "gay," but I mean "bisexual"... Ever since I was little ive had feelings for other girls, more strongly than boys)Tell them when you feel is best, but perhaps when youre not living with them..? As long as you have some form of support. Even though it doesnt seem the biggest issue in the world, it is absolutely horrible feeling that you cant tell anyone, because you think you will be treated differently. If you ever wanna talk I'll be here :)

Hey, guys..Thanks for the advice. If telling my family would kill me, I think it's best is I just keep it myself.