'Gay'. They say it like it's worst thing in the World.
You try to tell them and they say 'It's just a phase' 'it's teenage curiousity' 'They'll grow out of it' 'It's the hormones' 'When you have a family you'll look back and see how silly this is'.
Yeah. I've heard it all. I'm sure most of us have, yeah?.
They don't get it.
We can accept it. But they can't.
What's so wrong with it.
Love is Love, isn't it?
I guess that only goes for heterosexuals.

I wish people would at least try and understand. Or at least fake it. Instead of telling us we're wrong for being ourselves, telling us we're filthy, we're sinners, or my favourite 'We'll burn in hell'.

Someone please tell me what is so wrong about me loving people of the same sex? What effect will it have on the rest of the heterosexual world?

Am I destroying marriages? Am I killing children? No?
Then what's the big deal?

I like the rest just want to be happy. Just want that one to be happy with.

I know I'm only young, but I know what I want. I didn't choose to be so different to you 'Normal' people. I just want to be accepted. Like any kid my age.

Someone just accept me. Please.
Before I give up.
Just tell me you accept me.
SamIsGay SamIsGay
18-21, F
9 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I accept you just as I accepted my wife years ago. she is a switch hitter and I love her more and more as the years go by.

so long as u accept your self, thats all that matters.

whats not to accept when you are just being yourself? i wish i had the same level of confidence you had :) and i do accept you

i accept you i know what u r going through i have been there myself message me if u want to talk about it

Thanks Heaps! It won't let me messgae you on here. Do you have facebook?

This always makes me furious. I don't understand how people have problem with homosexuality. It DOES happen in the animal kingdom so it's not unnatural. Saying that it's morally is wrong is hypocritical because I don't see people harassing the girls from teen mom or 16 and pregnant. It ****** me off the hypocrisy of the human race

I accept and support you. I've heard it all too, my step dad is a hateful person, and being a gay male in the military, it can be pretty tough listening to the comments I hear around me, I just surround myself with people who accept me for who I am, and hope you have that support network as well, if its hard to find that group where you're at, EP has a large group of accepting people, and if you ever want to talk I'm on a couple times a week, if not more!

I accept you :) everyone in the LGBT community accepts you! And there are so many of us.

I find it more hilarious than offensive when people say homophobic things. For example:
'Next thing you know a man will be able to marry his dog!' Good! I hope he blows his dog! It's got nothing to do with me. I don't care LOL

'How am I supposed to tell my children two MEN are getting married?' I don't fvcking know. It's your kid! Are you saying that two people that love each other can't get married because you don't want to talk to your fvcking ugly kid for 5 minutes?

Homophobes don't realize how stupid they sound.

They dont accept what they don't understand my sister hated me while I was with a chick but when I'm with a guy she says they will never be good enough for me so I understand I'm bi so I'm looked down on by my family and I have a huge family and only one accepts me for who I am... ur loved they just don't know how to feel about it. U are not the one in the wrong they need to understand..

Oh dear...
The world is bigger than this space around which squeezes you badly right now. I know it sounds pathetic and unbelievable, but it's just a matter of time. You'll be more independent via your personal growth and education skills. You actually can go the distance. It may feel very weak, but you're courageous and strong if you postulate your feelings so clear and firm at such young age.
I remember myself feeling lonely and depressed. I jumped around my first girlfriend like a stupid puppy 'cause I never imagined someone may love me or take me as I am. I sincerely thought that noone cares, the world is tough, "please stop the Earth I'll come down". It's... different and has much more surprises than we can imagine. Someone might forget about homophobia after chatting with you. Someone may chase you with pitchfork thinking that you're a devil in disguise, and you should be warned about this.
Hey, cheer up and good luck :)