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Brandi ^.^ (part 3)

So if you've read "Brandi Brandi Brandi" or "my first kiss went a little like this", then you know what's up! ^.^ me and my friend Brandi have been chillin a lot and Everytime we hang, things get more intense!

Yesterday, I had a sleepover at her house and I can always tell by the things she asks, if she's horny. (which is a lot of the time) LOL. But we sat on her bed for a while and talked and had dinner. Then she wanted to watch a movie, so we moved to her living room.

Of course, scary movies are only fun when you have a cuddle buddy! ;) we watched Uninvited, and that movie has a lot of creepy things that jump out! Everytime something would jump out and scare us, Brandi would jump into my arms. When the movie reached a calmer part, she layed her head on my torso. <3 ahh I just love her so much, that it made me have butterflies! But at first she was laying on my arm, so I told her to sit up for a second. I put my arm around her arm and belly. When I did that she was like, "Oh yay!". She had gotten dumped by her bf the day before, so she was missing that I guess. ;) throughout the rest of the movie, I could barely concentrate on the rest of the movie because she was playing with my hands! ^.^ ahh at that point I wanted to kiss her, but we had both just ate pizza, and I didn't want to ruin it with some nasty breath! Haha. But as she was playing with my hands, I spread my fingers apart and she wove hers in mine! BEST NIGHT EVER! Watching a scary movie, with a beautiful girl leaning on me holding my hand! :D

But there's a problem...
Whenever i really like someone, I don't want anyone else flirting with them or ANYTHING of the sort! After the movie, I got up to get some water. When I wanted to sit back down next to her, she told me to sit on the chair next to her. :( I was so sad, because I wanted to cuddle more with her! I wanted to kiss her and fall asleep with her. But no, she was talking about this guy (I HATE him) and how she wants to ask him to the dance! :/ I wanted to just yell "STOP LIKING HIM! I LIKE YOU". But then she went on to text multiple guys all night and fell asleep watchin Peter Pan! Dammmmittt!:( I was so sad, that I was crying alone and I texted one of my best friends about it and we talked for like an hour. I felt so worthless. It was like she wanted me all night and I wanted her, and then she pushed me away! I wanted to watch the movie, go into her room, talk about stuff like we always do, and fall asleep with her in my arms!

I hope one day, she'll admit to being bi! Like I know she is because whenever we are together, she talks about "oh this girl has big boobs" or "I like her ***" or "she's hot! I'd **** her!". Tell me that she doesn't have feelings for girls!!!!

Oh well, it's nice to have her in my arms for a little while and enjoy the warmth of her body on mine and the touch of her hands! <3 one day, she will admit it, and we will date! I hope! :)
GuitarAndMusic GuitarAndMusic 16-17, F 3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

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well i m bi and i also don't like it ,when my friend talks bout his gf (my friend is a year younger than me ) and his gf's sister is my classmate and i also have crush on her but i like boys more , yesterday night i was thinking bout him and had a dream of him

Yep it's crazy! I have a very similar situation! I have crush on one of my girl friends, but also on her brother! But I like girls more!

I've read the three stories and it does sound like she's bi but it's just trying to make you jealous. Well I do hope you two start dating, keep sharing these stories! :) good luck!

I hope! And yeah sounds like it to me too! Well it's working! Haha xD and thanks! :)

Sounds like me

What part of it?