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I Love My Girlfriend

So I recently got into a relationship that I was very hesitant towards at first. First let meh introduce myself. I AM CAPTAINPICKLEZ! My girlfriend calls me that so yea. But I was not really ready because we've known each other a long time and she means a lot to meh. ( I like saying meh) I didn't want to poison our relationship as friends. But so far everything is going swell and dandy. The other day she said to me "isn't it funny that the person we are going to marry is on this planet right now?" And then she nudged me and I was like oh yea I love her. The only problem is, is that she and I haven't come out and we live beside each other. (Greatest thing....EVER) our parents are up our butts all the time. To make matters worse our siblings follow us around like confused baby ducklings. Anyway I'm extremely happy and comfortable.
Ummm.... That's all ok
Signing off this is
CaptainPicklez123 CaptainPicklez123 13-15, F 1 Response Jan 23, 2013

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I have CP and Autism. Had Anorexia. Please add me