I'm out at home and at school which is great, but it's a bit lonely. I have quite a few friends who are totally supportive, which again is fantastic and I'm really lucky. But the thing is, there are NO lesbians where I live. It's a very small community. It's a little lonely :/
Tardislove Tardislove 13-15, F 4 Responses Jan 25, 2013

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i know exactly how you feel!

Im right there with you! i live in a small , country town , and its SOOOO hard being a lesbian because i feel alone...

i understand how you feel well sweetie no matter where you live it can be a little bit hard to find someone it takes time and i know u will find someone

Im a much older woman,and Ive been a lesbian all my life,so I will tell you that while youre friends are supportive of you,if any of them happen to be female,while this lifestyle is not for everyone,you might be surprised that some of your girlfriends while they act as if its not for them whrn they go home they get wet when they think of what it would be like you might be surprised at the females that you know that if they were to admit to it that they think about it and if the time was right and they knew it would be ok theyd probably experiment with you.