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I Kissed My Bestfriend (Both Girls)

It was freshman year at a new school and Ive always had a thing for my friend. I never knew if she liked me back but i always had a feeling because i could tell she got nervous around me and i would always catch her staring at me. So one night, it was a four day weekend, we decided to have a sleepover with some of my other friends. So around 7 everyone came over my house and we went into the basement. We were all planning to stay up the wholle night so we walked to walgreens to buy a pack of redbulls. When we got back we started to play Never Have I Ever, which by the way, is a game where you put your fingers up and someone says, for example, "Never have i ever done drugs", and if u have done drugs, you put a finger down, anyways, later in the game my other friend asked "never have i ever kissed a girl!" no one put their finger down and we just moved on to the next question. After about 4 hours it was around 1 ish and we all decided to watch a movie. Everyone ended up falling asleep lol, except for me and my friend, the one ive had a thing for. I was like "hey r u asleep?" and she said no so we went upstairs into the kitchen(my parents were asleep too, no one was awake) and got some drinks and snacks. Then out of no where she said "so u havent kissed a girl?" and i said back to her "no" it was awkward for a second but then we just gathered on to our regular conversation. we went back downstairs and continued watching the movie and by now it was about 230 so we decided to go to sleep, but i told her i needed to talk to her so we went into the bathroom. i think i said something along the lines of "obvioulsy sometihngs going on between us' and she finally admitted to having a crush on me. I said to her "what would u do if i kissed u?" and it was silent for a second and she started to smile, she leaned forward and kissed me! i knew i liked her so i kissed back. we were on the edge of the bathtub and i accidently moved the mat on the floor and our feet slipped and we both fell in. we were making out for like 5 minutes in the bathtub then i said that we should probably go upstairs to my room. We held hands all the way to my room and when we got into my room she shoved me on my bed and jumped ontop of me. things started to get really heavy and we pulled eachothers clothes off, she undid my bra and i did the same to her. we kept our underwear on but madeout for hours. we were grinding and she was rubbing my crotch lol. we remained friends after that and we makeout with eachother at sleepovers whenever we feel the need :)
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I wish that happened to me and my BFF. But it's a really nice story and I support you and respect you

I wish that happened to me and my BFF

I wish that happened to me and my bff

I wish that happened to me and my bff

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oh my gosh! its like a perfect story lol

i wish i had the same situation with my bff

I know right.. Same here

so lucky! :)