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Well I have had a couple girl friends before but I haven't been attracted to them like I am with guys. I have only made out with a girl and nothing more. I am not really sure if I am bisexual or straight? Help me please!
MaddiNicholle MaddiNicholle 13-15, F 5 Responses Jan 26, 2013

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Dont try and decide what you are just take life 1 step at a time and don't look for a badge to describe yourself that does confuse things.

If you have boyfriends enjoy your time with them and do what feels right at the time
If you have girlfriends enjoy your time with them and do what feels right at the time

Don't try and decide your sexuality especially considering your so young just take life as it comes.

it's really normal to feel this way. a lot of straight girls have been attracted to girls but that doesn't necessarily mean they are gay. it's kind of hard to explain. being gay doesn't really have any explanation! if you really do like guys im pretty sure you are not a lesbian. but you could possibly be bisexual (which is not wrong in any way!) i think it just takes a lot of time to figure out who you are and what you like. there's no way you find out right now. i think you just need to wait it out and see. you'll figure things out some day. just be patient :) date guys, date girls, kiss guys, kiss girls, do whatever you want! trust me, it will all become crystal clear in the future :) if anyone tries to tell you that what you believe in or who you love is wrong, tell them where to go :) xx

by the way, feel free to message me if you want! im sure i can answer most questions and help you out :)

I have CP and Autism. Feel free to add me

date a girl.. then date a boy and you'll find out what your attracted to the most

Well how much do you like girls

I'm not sure. I think certain girls a pretty and I want do things with them but I cant ever tell them

Are you out to everyone about it


Well maybe you should try both and see the difference

I cant find any girls looking

Theirs not many around your area ?

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