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All I Want

All i want is to be loved by a special girl
All I want to do is to share my love with a girl who is kind, smart, funny, and sweet
Someone who won't break my heart after getting my hopes up
Someone who won't lie to me after a long realtionship
Is it to much to ask for
LovelessKid LovelessKid 16-17, F 4 Responses Jan 27, 2013

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I agree with you, I hate girls that play to many games, and only use you.if only I could count the amount of times I was heart-broken.

I'm glad someone else knows my struggle

I' could be that girl

I'm looking for the same girl

No, it isn't Let me be your special girl please. Iv'e been trying to find the same thing. If you say no, then don't give up!

Add me cnt message u

Iv'e found my girl. Sorry