Flying Back Home – Part 2

I couldn’t take her out of my mind .. at evening I found myself walking in my room alone thinking how that sexy lady know that I may be into girls ?.. I never be with woman before but I know deep in me that I will be some time .. I had that feeling long time ago .. so let it be real this time .. why not .. ?
I took my mobile and called her .. 2 rings and I hang up fast ,
I looked to myself at the mirror thinking what am I doing ?.. but with no time I found myself calling her again .. .. 2 sec. and I got a very warm sexy voice
- hallo
- hi ,
- Who is this ?
- its , its me coco
- and who is coco ?
- I m , I m the woman from the plane , you gave me .. .. ..
- ah .. I knew u will call
- yes .. but I like to tell that I am not ..
- I m in coral beach hotel .. room 317
She said that and hung up ..
30 min. later I found myself knocking her door with a bottle of wine in my hand .. she opened and welcome me with hot smile ..

Welcome coco .. come on pls. she said ..
she was standing in front of me with only towel cover her sexy body .. she just get out from shower .. her hair was still drip of water .. God she is soooo hot and sexy .. my hart was bombing .. I couldn’t get the room .. until she holed my hand and lead me in saying .. : don’t worry .. it safe in her .. come on pls.
I .. I bring u bottle of wine .. I said
Thank u .. that s very nice of u .. pls. sit ..
I sit on the couch .. looking at the room it was so warm place with king bed in the corner ..
She was opening the bottle when I asked her : why u said that to me in the plane .. ? I m not lesbian ..
she smiled and gave me the wine saying ..:
forget what i said .. u r here now ..
She sit next to me and we start talk about life and drink wine for about 30 min. then suddenly looked at me carefully and said .. :
u r very beautiful and sexy .. I want u ..
I cant say a thing .. just my hart pumping again .. I knew why I m here .. so its my chance to try it ..
She took the clase of my hand and get more near to my face so I could feel her breath ..
u r so pretty .. I want to make love to u .. she said
But I never being with a woman before .. I tolled her ..
she smile and said .. : there is always first time ..
then she kissed my lips so softly .. and look at me to see what I may say .. I said nothing .. so she come over again and lick my nick .. ahhh I filet her hot wet tongue on my nick up to my ear .. make me crazy .. waooooo .. that’s so warm ..
I don’t know when or how I become naked and laying on the bed looking at her standing infront of me taking the towel off and telling me how sexy I m .. and how she will give me the night of my life ..
What happen later .. I ll tell u later .. heheheh

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3 Responses Jan 28, 2013

wow what a wild experiance! so glad u decided to try something new. u must of been so nervous but i bet that passed pretty fast. hope u had a goodtime. i respect u for trying the same sex.

Hot story please add me.

Very hot story